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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a differentiated pricing structure across SA, special fees for Discovery Vitality members, and the branch manager will have the local prices applicable to his area. We have various payment options such as cash, credit card; but the most cost effective is our Monthly Debit Order payment.
Any comfortable exercise clothes like a t-shirt, track suit etc will be suitable, but please do not buy new exercise shoes until your manager has evaluated your foot type and prescribed the correct shoes for you.
Please discuss our Free Trial session offer with your manager.
Yes. Our medical questionnaire will allow us to pick up the problem and guide you scientifically.
Yes, we have a special discount voucher to the value of R 350 that can be redeemed upon first registration.
Yes, we do have a discount for Privileged membership groups such as Pensioners and Students.
No, because our pulse and breathing rate monitoring system teach members to train appropriately for their fitness and age, irrespective of age or fitness.
Your manager will assess your health status and fitness, and assign you to an exercise level that you will find comfortable. Each session will start with stretching and mobility exercises and your manager will then supervise your exercise personally after that. In the early stages of the program you should be finished with your session in 30 minutes, and the times will increase gradually after that, to a maximum of 90 minutes for the more advanced road members.

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