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FitSlim Tip Of The Week
To Lose Weight, Go Longer

At some point, almost every runner / walker wants to go further. You complete one km, you want to try two. You reach three km, five seems possible. Adding distance to your routine is smart because it improves fitness, builds endurance, and burns calories, great for FitSlimmers!. Every other week, try running long ; that is, any distance beyond your usual km. If you usually run 4 km per session, start at 5 km (AFTER consultation with your manager). Your goal might be to ultimately reach 8 or 10 km, or work toward a half marathon. The following guidelines will help you build km without undue fatigue or injury.

Slow down
Taking your speed down a notch or two gives you energy to go longer. Add about a minute to your usual pace. For example, if you usually run 4 km in 24 minutes (6 minutes per km) , expect to run your first 5km in 35 minutes (7 minutes per km) or longer.

Build gradually
Adding km too quickly can lead to burnout and injury. So increase your long run by no more than one km at a time, have a look at the table further on.

Go long only every other week
This gives your body time to recover, which reduces injury risk. You’ll also be amazes how easy it feels reverting back to your “normal” distance per session!

An short table for explanatory purposes, assuming this member usually completed 4 km per session.:

Week 1: 4km per session
Week 2: 5km per session.
Week 3: 4km per session.
Week 4: 5km per session.
Week 5: 6km per session
Week 6: 5 km per session.

FutureLife Healthy eating rules for runners

Healthy eating rules for runners.

In order to run at your best you need to make sure that your body is properly fuelled. Use these rules to guide your dietary practices - you will be amazed what a difference eating correctly can make!

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