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We believe in respect, honesty and integrity. We are committed to continual improvement in everything that we do.
We believe in giving our members an exceptional experience. We are passionate about what we do and have fun doing it!


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BY: Angela Leach
DATE: BY: February 2018

Have you ever walked into the gym, had a look around and noticed how seemingly over-prepared some of the patrons are - sports drinks, snack and water… Are you doing something wrong? Do they know something that you don’t? Today I’ll take you through when you need to eat, drink or both during exercise and what exactly you need.

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BY: Sonal Ratan
DATE: June 2018

Colder weather is on our doorstep and there’s no escape from the icy cold mornings and nights. While you’re preparing for the drop in temperature by bringing out your thermals and thick cosy blankets, it’s important to also prepare your diet accordingly. This may sound absurd however, when comfort foods are in and cold fruits and salads are out, the end result could be an insufficient fibre intake.

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These words mean so much more to me as a receiver of a wonderful gift, the gift to have another chance at life and to take a deep breath of this joyous and wonderful journey. In my case it was more than just a good gesture or a glimpse of happiness, but a physical and emotional gift of receiving an organ that saved my life. I am a wife and a mother of two sons. I had a normal life which one always takes for granted, up until one loses something.

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Heidi Van As

"Run/Walk for Life has Changed my life! I have done 3 x 10km races since November and am looking forward to the next one in January 2016. I am able to comfortably walk between 5 – 10km at a session and have a renewed new passion for life. The only time I am grumpy is when I cannot attend a session or it is cancelled due to weather.

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Tracy Vally

“When I joined Run/Walk 13 years ago my cholesterol was 7.4. It is now 4.6, without Doctors medication.

My resting pulse was between 82 and 84 and is now between 62 and 64. My blood pressure is 110/70.

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Veronica Arnold

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a differentiated pricing structure across SA, special fees for Discovery Vitality members, and the branch manager will have the local prices applicable to his area. We have various payment options such as cash, credit card; but the most cost effective is our Monthly Debit Order payment.
Any comfortable exercise clothes like a t-shirt, track suit etc will be suitable, but please do not buy new exercise shoes until your manager has evaluated your foot type and prescribed the correct shoes for you.
Please discuss our Free Trial session offer with your manager.
Yes. Our medical questionnaire will allow us to pick up the problem and guide you scientifically.
Yes, we have a special discount voucher to the value of R 350 that can be redeemed upon first registration.
Yes, we do have a discount for Privileged membership groups such as Pensioners and Students.
No, because our pulse and breathing rate monitoring system teach members to train appropriately for their fitness and age, irrespective of age or fitness.
Your manager will assess your health status and fitness, and assign you to an exercise level that you will find comfortable. Each session will start with stretching and mobility exercises and your manager will then supervise your exercise personally after that. In the early stages of the program you should be finished with your session in 30 minutes, and the times will increase gradually after that, to a maximum of 90 minutes for the more advanced road members.

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