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Ways to beat the winter chill

Before you start skipping exercise in winter….read this!!
With winters’ icy grip upon us, it may be good, before you decide to miss a planned exercise session, to have a look at this checklist:

1. Will I regret this decision?

Maybe it would feel good to stay in bed and sleep or go home from work without the hassle of exercising; but how will you feel later? Instant gratification can be rewarding, but that good feeling often wears off, leaving you feeling guilty and wishing you’d made a different choice. Thinking about the consequences may push you to make the right decision. Remind yourself that:
• Exercise is a choice, not a jail sentence.
• Exercise is a commitment you make every day. Some days you're more committed than others, so draw on your discipline to get you out the door.
• Every day is different. You may have to work harder sometimes to get motivated.

2. How much have I exercised this week?

Look back at what you’ve done this week and ask yourself if you can afford a day off from exercise. If it’s the end of the week and you’ve worked out every day, you may need a day off to let your body recover. If it’s been a few days, however, ask yourself if skipping workouts is starting to become a habit.

3. How will I make up for my missed days?

Imagine that you do skip a day; ask yourself how you’ll make up for it. Will you do it later, maybe after work or before bed? Or will you get up early tomorrow and workout extra long?

4. How will missing this run or walk affect my goals?

• If you’re trying to lose weight, how important is this workout? Exercising burns calories builds endurance and improves strength. If you skip it, none of that will happen. Maybe missing one day won’t hurt but, remember, it’s the accumulation of your workouts that leads to success.

5. How could I reward myself for doing my running/walking session?

When it comes to exercise, a little reward goes a long way towards motivation. If you’re having trouble getting started, think of how you could reward yourself for a job well done. Some ideas:
• Sitting in a hot bath after your workout
• Time to read your favorite book or watch your favourite TV show
• A massage
• A night out with friends
• Going to a movie
• Time to play your favorite video or computer game

6. How could I change my normal run/walk session?

If you’re thinking of ditching your exercise session because you woke up late or had to work longer than usual, don’t skip the whole thing. Think of creative ways to get in a short, effective workout that will get the job done.
7. When SHOULD I not attend a session?

There are, however, legitimate reasons for skipping a session or two. Should your:
• Waking pulse be elevated or depressed by 10 beats per minute or more
• Your pulse be irregular (think of a 1955 VW Beetle idling on a winters morning!)
• Body have unusual aches or pains
• Headaches persist beyond a reasonable time
• Body be feverish, sweaty or clammy
• Body temperature be elevated above the accepted figure of 37° C. (98F) ,  
then you are displaying classical flu symptoms and you should consult your Manager for further guidance.


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